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We have received this emergency appeal from our friends at Temwa:

Appeal for donations to support the communities of Nkhata Bay North through the current food crisis

As some of you may already know, Malawi is facing the worse hunger season in years. The communities of Nkhata Bay North are no exception, with reports indicating that many households are eating one meal every three days (Temwa Situational Analysis, 2016).

In order to respond to this need, Temwa is launching an emergency fundraising appeal. If you have anything you can donate, it would be hugely appreciated. We cannot continue to implement our longer-term sustainable development projects if community members are facing hunger, or as in many situations starvation.

We are currently working to develop partnerships in-country to support the distribution of emergency maize supplies. However, recent reports indicate that people are eating cassava crops which have not yet fully grown; there is no doubt that these communities are going to suffer terribly over the coming months, unless relief is provided.

The government is not providing the assistance needed, which means at the moment foreign emergency aid is the only thing that can help.

Unless there is immediate emergency relief aid to this region, the coming months will see avoidable cases of malnutrition and death, destruction of peoples’ livelihoods, hope and future aspirations.


Want to know more?

To read more about how this is affecting our communities read Temwa’s article on thecurrent situation and to find out why it is happening have a read of this article which explores why this situation is happening.

If you have any questions or would like to read the full report, then please feel free to emailSheena, who will be happy to give updates as and when we have them.